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The 2016 National LCMS Youth Gathering

LCMS NYG 2016 Registration for The 2016 National LCMS Youth Gathering will begin this fall. The event will take place July 16 - 20, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana. I know it seems like this is a long way off, but we have to start planning, preparing and saving now if we want to go. For more information on this Youth Gathering go to (https://www.facebook.com/#!/LCMSYG).

Connecting With God Through Technology

As a mom and former youth leader, I am often reminded that I am not very "tech savvy", especially when it comes to the way you young people like to get information.

As teenagers, your life is all about getting information (and giving information) through reading other's viewpoints and expressing your own opinions via social media, texting, tweeting, chatting, skyping and whatever else it is you do/use with your friends. I admit, I can't keep up with all the ways you teens give and get information.

I do know that the traditional way --sitting and listening to someone and carrying-on a (face-to-face) conversation-- is not a preferred method. So, please allow me to attempt to "get with the times" or at least attempt to act like I am a little clued in.

I found a few websites, geared toward Christian youths, that I want you all to check out. Now, I don't want these links to be substitutes for you coming to Sunday School or Church, but rather a conversation starter and/or resources for you all to use to get information about God from other places, as well as, from Sunday School and Church. Let me know what you think.
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Oh, and BTW, if you discover any similar sites, please feel free to share them with me and your fellow youth group members.

EFT Automatic Deposit

When you set up an Electronic Funds Transfer Automatic Deposit with Vanco Services You Can Make a HUGE Difference in the church.

It is just a matter of filling out a simple form. It makes sure that your weekly tithes and offerings always go to the church even when you can't be there. Please Kelly to sign up today.

Good Search

Earn money for our church while Surfing the Web!

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give! All you have to do is go to GoodSearch.com and create an account. Make sure you choose "Our Savior Lutheran Church - Flint, Flint, MI" as your organization.

GoodSearch.com is the search engine with a unique social mission. It's powered by Yahoo!, so you get great search results, and each time you search, but that's not the best part. The best part is, whenever you use GoodSearch, it makes a donation to your cause (in this case Our Savior Lutheran Church - Flint)!

Please feel free to contact Angel Roberts for more information.