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Our Savior Lives...


On November 10, 1926, our congregation was founded to serve the Lord as His Church. Our original building on Carpenter Road was out grown and in 1948 we dedicated our present building to God to serve him in this place. We ask for God's blessing on our place of worship and on His people at Our Savior. Thank you to all those who are now serving in the Lord's work here, and have served Him in the years past in His name and for His cause.

Alive & Well

We’ve been a part of this neighborhood for over 80 years, and we will continue to be a part of Flint.


Our Savior Loves...

Core Values

Basic to everything is our belief in Christ as our Savior. Belief that all people are equally important to God and are in need of reconciliation with Him. Blend of different cultures with all being equally respected. Universal acceptance of all individuals.

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NEW Mission Statement

Our Savior Lutheran Church exists to make to make disciples of Jesus Christ by:

  • Receiving God’s grace through Word and Sacraments
  • Reflecting His love in word and deed and
  • Reclaiming the lost and those distant from Christ
As we serve our Savior Jesus and the people of North Flint, the Beecher district and beyond.


Our Savior Lutheran...

Vision Statement

  • Individually - That each member would utilize all available means to grow to their fullest potential as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Corporately - To remain in this community, expanding both our ministries and facilities to minister to the total needs of the people.
  • Community - To reflect the love of Jesus Christ through spiritual and physical ministries.

Goals and Objectives

  • Meet the needs of the congregation to keep them based in their Christianity.
  • Be a support and mission to the neighborhood and bring them the message of Jesus.
  • Develop educational programs to meet the needs of the congregation.


What We Believe...

Human reason tells us that we can save ourselves. But God’s Word truthfully tells us that our reason is wrong. God’s Word tells us that we are rebellious by nature. Rebellion is sin which angers God. God says, "Those things result in death. For the wages of sin is death!" (Romans 6:21b-23).

Only God can save us. To do so, God’s Son, Jesus Christ, came down from heaven and became a sinless human being. He died on Calvary’s cross. Because of this sacrifice, our heavenly Father declared the world forgiven. God’s Word tells us that Jesus is the only way to salvation and everlasting life. "These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name" (John 20:31).

How does a person receive Christ’s salvation? "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" (Romans 10:13). "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16).

Our Savior Lutheran offers instruction in basic Christian teachings through the study of Scripture. If you are interested in attending these classes, please contact our Pastor, or speak with one of our Lay Ministers.

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Prayer Requests

Do you have a special need for prayer? A Prayer Chain group has been formed to keep prayers for members and friends of Our Savior on-going. Call the church office at 789-1361 to add your special prayer to the list or join the chain gang.


We record Worship Services every week. If there is a special service you'd like to have on Video or DVD, you can purchase them for $5 each. To order one, leave a message for Mike Keipinger at the church office.



Contact Us: Our Savior Lutheran
6901 N Saginaw Street, Flint, MI 48505
(810) 789-1361, email: oslflint@oslflint.org
Parking on E York St

Our Savior Lutheran Church - FaithStreet

Regular Events and Activities

Mark your calendars to join the Fun!
  • Sundays (Starting at 9:15 AM) - Sunday School, Youth Group/Teen Bible Study, Adult Bible Study, Traditional Worship Service, and Coffee and Fellowship
  • Sundays (12:30 PM) - Fit-For-Life in Christ Classes (when scheduled)
  • Mondays (6:15 PM) - Church Softball Games (summer only)
  • Tuesdays (4:30 PM) - ROCK Tutoring (during school months)
  • Wednesdays (5:00 PM) - Music and Choir Rehearsals
  • Wednesdays (6:00 PM) - Youth Confirmation Classes (during school months)**
  • Wednesdays (6:30 PM) - Midweek Worship - “Words and Prayers”
  • Thursdays (9:00 AM) - Property Board Meets and Works
  • Fridays - Church Office Closed
  • Saturdays (1:00 PM) - Show Me the Way - Blind Ministry Meetings (monthly)
  • Third Sundays (12:30 PM) - Youth Group outing or activity**
** Unless otherwise scheduled

Our Savior Staff and Leaders

Pastor - Rev. Randy Schultz
Executive Director - Debra Deming
Asst. Exec. Director - Thomas Roberts Jr.
Treasurer - Kelly James
Worship Director - David Greeson
Office Assistant - Mary Broomfield
Office Assistant - Jan Krapohl
Organist - Debra Deming
Director of Lay Ministers - Herman Gant
Lay Minister - Wayne Bailey
Lay Minister - Ken Deming
Lay Minister - Thomas Roberts Sr.
Lay Minister - Thomas Roberts Jr.
Lay Minister - Ben Roof
Lay Minister - James Stewart
Director, Board of Christian Outreach - Jan Roberts
Director, Board of Church Properties - Debra Demming
Director, Board of Parish Fellowship - Minnie Rembert
Director, Board of Education - Jean Shipley
Directors, Board of Young People's Work - Kelsey Christensen and Sarah Roberts
Board of Stewardship - Helen Thorn, Minnie Rembert, Beverly McIntosh, Ben Roof
Parish Nurse - Jan Roberts
Webmaster and Social Media Manager - Angel Roberts

Is Serving on a Church Board For You?

Did you know... every two years Our Savior holds elections to fill director positions?
Did you know... as a member, you are invited to serve one or more boards?
Did you know... the best way to get to know other parishioners is through fellowship (that can come easily from serving on a board)?
Did you know... if you have any questions about any of the boards, the directors or the Pastor would be happy to answer them?

We would like to invite you to get involved...
Did you know... it could change your life?

Fit for Life in Christ

"If we all use the same Bible, why are there so many different denominations? What makes the Lutheran Church different than my other Church? What about evolution - isn't it a proven scientific fact? What can we know about the end of time? What about life issues: Infant Baptism, Divorce, Homosexuality, Abortion? Does God still speak to us today? Is His Word reliable? Is it relevant for the 21st century?"

If these are questions that you have asked, mark your calendar for our next Fit For Life Bible class.

Fit For Life in Christ is a 10 to 12 week course that presents the Word of God in exciting and meaningful ways. It is a course for those who are interested in membership in our church, or for anyone who wants to know what it really means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. You owe it to yourself and your life with God to register and bring a friend to this faith-building opportunity!

Call the church office to register or for more information.

Giving Gifts

Want to know where your Tithes, Special Offerings, Donations, and Noisy Sunday change goes? Come to the Congregational meetings to see a copy of the church budget. Want to donate to a specific group? You can get forms and envelopes in the main hallway. *Note, all donations are tax deductible.

Giving Year Round

Just as you rely upon receiving income on a regular basis, the Our Savior congregation relies on your regular contributions in order to meet our financial obligations. We appreciate the efforts of congregation members to make consistent donations throughout the year. To assist you, the church provides a convenient electronic giving option for setting up regular contributions. Please contact Kelly James or the church office for more details or to get started. We thank you for your support.